Welcome to my site!

Welcome, and thanks for visiting my blogsite!

I started this site a year ago with the goal of better communication.  As much as I talk with people by phone, email, or around town at meetings, it’s still not possible to let people know details about Council activities. Not everyone wants the same level of detail, so the tabs provide a menu of topics for readers to learn as much as they like.

The tab sections are the updated regularly. Please click on the them for more information.  Here’s a quick walk around the site. You may want to start with “Notes from the Recent Meeting.”  It’s not meant as a full chronology of everything that goes on, but you can scroll back to 2014 to see what went on over the past year. Its more background on current news and some stories that may not have have been covered in print that I thought would be of interest.

“Neighborhood Concerns” is a section that deals with a single topic at a time. Again, more detail than you may have heard or read, with particular emphasis for Ward 3 residents.

“Events”, keeps Ward 3 residents informed on events like the upcoming “Ward 3 Forum” on Monday, Sept. 28 at 7:00 at Barlow Community Center, 41 S. Oviatt St. (across from the fire station).

“Other Takes on Hudson Issues” is my attempt to provide links to news stories from around the region. They are topics we are tackling in Hudson, like rubbish removal or sidewalk shoveling. The stories show how our neighbors are trying to provide solutions to our common challenges.

Please stop by often and feel free to comment or email me directly – akelemen@hudson.oh.us with your questions or comments.  If you use Twitter, you can also follow me at HudsonWard3. Thanks again!