Problem in your Neighborhood? Tell us about it!

Road conditions, stormwater conditions and questions about sidewalks and paths are the most frequent concerns residents share with City Council members.  While City staff monitors these conditions, it is a good idea if Council members can see first-hand critical issues and potential long-term (and big ticket) items for future discussion.  This is the rationale behind the Annual City Council Road Tour.   While we travel a predetermined route, set by the City Engineer, we can and do make “side trips” to look at local conditions that may be pointed out by members or residents.

I’m sharing this year’s Road Tour route to prompt any suggestions on certain conditions we should consider. Please send them to me before Saturday at 9AM and we’ll try to have a look as a group. If you can’t get it to me before then, no problem, please send them anyway.  It will still get attention, we just won’t see it as a group.

We will discuss all the findings of the Road Tour back at Townhall later that morning, and that meeting will be televised. I will provide a link later on at this site.


4/25 City Council Meeting Updates

We had an interesting couple of recent City Council meetings. I have some opinions that diverge from some on Council on issues like accepting the Hudson Elementary land “donation,” the focus of Phase 2, and the contributions City Council can and should have in long-term City plans. More on those as they develop after future meetings.

In the meantime, if you like following spirited Town Hall discussions, follow the link below to the video of our April 25 Workshop. The main topic was an analysis of our Public Works Division, which employs a majority of our employees and is about 50% of our budget.   It is a 2.5 hour meeting, but you can go to the 1:55 mark to pick up the conversation and debate – whether trying to understand the functions of a department that touches so many residents and has such a large percentage of the budget somehow shows a lack of “trust” in what they do.  As someone who has only worked in the private sector for over 35 years and has supervised staff I find this assertion truly bizarre. I can only conclude that there are some on staff and City Council who must think we are elected to only pass resolutions and wait for items to be brought to our attention. Not what I signed on for! Watch for yourself  


One thought on “Problem in your Neighborhood? Tell us about it!

  1. Hi there, St. Andrews resident here. We need some help with this broken water line/Akron vs. Hudson problem.

    I believe Rich Sandone from our neighborhood HOA has contacted you already, but I wanted to reach out as well to further show the need for a resolution here.

    I beleive the water lines broke at least 5-6 times last Summer and several times the summer prior. This affects the neighborhood with water shut offs, not to mention the poor peoples yards that get ruined where the breaks happen.

    Further, another water line broke right in front of my driveway this winter, which Akron sent out a crew to fix immediately (the cost had to be HUGE, it was zero degrees and these guys worked for a whole day to fix it)

    Lastly, our fireplug right in front of our house has been marked as “broken” for the entire 7 years I’ve lived here. It needs fixed. Water pressure is key to putting out a fire, we need all the plugs in the neighborhood to work properly or at least be on the road to getting them fixed.

    Something is wrong with the pipes in this fine Hudson neighborhood, please help us figure out a solution.

    Thank you so much, have a great day!

    -Dean D. Paoluci (7046 St. Ives Blvd., Hudson, OH 44236)

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