Ward 3 Rezoning Request withdrawn, PC votes against Medical Marijuana, Ward 3 Forum Aug 28

Quick takes on a few issues, A Ward Forum Reminder and I am running for Council again.

Planning Commission is the first stop for consideration of land use issues, and PC this week deferred one issue and advanced another.  The property owner requesting a change in zoning for the property on Stow Road at the Turnpike withdrew that request before the Planning Commission meeting on Monday. The request was to change the zoning district and the definition of “density” to allow for multi-family units to be built there.  The issue is dead unless the owner or developer files another request, which would restart the PC/Hearing/Council process.

The other issue before Planning Commission was to render an opinion on whether to allow medical marijuana grow facilities or dispensaries in Hudson. The Commission voted 5-1 to recommend to City Council to not allow these facilities. Council is free to vote for or against after a public hearing and meeting next fall.  A “no” vote does not prohibit Hudson doctors from prescribing nor patients from using medical marijuana. It only limits where it can be grown or sold.  The applications are already in for growers. The state announced Summit County will have a total of three dispensaries. Logically, at least one would be in Akron, probably another south, and one north in our area.  Either way, dispensaries would not be as prevalent as a CVS, patients would be expected to travel a few miles.

I’m hosting another Ward 3 Forum on Monday Aug. 28 at 7 PM at Barlow Community Center. If you are blogsite reader, please consider this a special invitation to come out and say hi. We can discuss Ward 3 issues, or city issues, the audience decides the agenda. We can discuss downtown Phase 2 or anything else. Lots of give and take.

You may have read I am running for Council at Large this fall. I am proud to serve Ward 3, and will continue to work for you regardless of the election.  I’m running because I believe new voices on Council are needed. Clearly what we have now is not working for some in Hudson. If voters agree, if they like my approach and elect me to Council at Large, a new person would be appointed to fill the two years left on my Ward 3 term.  I would represent residents throughout Hudson for four more years.


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